Our Story
The Charity was first established in 1994 when two trustees of the Thurrock & District Cerebral Palsy Society decided to set up a group for families with children newly diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

At the commencement of the group the name was ‘Time for Tots’ and the Thurrock and district Cerebral Palsy Societies charity number was used to identify our charity. It was at a later date we established our own Charity number and changed the name to ‘Kids First’ to give our Charity an independent identity.

When parents are given a diagnosis ‘Your child has Cerebral palsy’ the shock to parents is unimaginable. What is the situation we are entering into; we need to know more; are there other parents facing this experience? Thus there was a need for parents going through this situation to build up a relationship with other parents to create a communication network of support.

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It was during this time we were given the information that parents were saving hard to build up the funds to take their child to the Peto lnstitute in Hungary for specialised treatment in Conductive Education. Thus adding more concern and stress to what was going on in their life.

It was felt that this  was a situation we needed to address. There was a need to educate parents how to assist their special needs child to the best of their ability.

We set up a voluntary committee amongst our parents and a fundraising agenda was started. Two of the members enrolled on a course with Scope School of Conductive Education, to gain more knowledge of problems that arose with Cerebral Palsy children and to train in Business Management. The intention being to assist pre-school Cerebral Palsy children to acquire a better quality of life prior to moving on to full time education.

With no assistance from any Governing Body we raised the funds to purchase extremely expensive special equipment, acquired a school room with assistance of the Thurrock & District Cerebral Palsy Society, and most important of all we were able to employ a specialist from the Peto Institute in Hungary, who was resident in England. This then eradicated the overwhelming costs for parents that needed to travel to Hungary for this treatment.

All staff that work for this Charity are entirely voluntary and fundraising is continual. Our main expense is the cost of our specialist conductor who is vital to the success of the school.

Kids First is the only Conductive Education school in Essex. We accept all children from all areas. Conductive Education is a specialised treatment and because the range of requirements is different in all children with Cerebral Palsy, they are given one to one treatment by our Conductor.

So many children have now moved through the school and achieved a better quality of life and their parents have a better knowledge in how to assist their child to achieve the highest potential. ‘Kids First’ retains responsibility of all children that have attended the school up to the age of sixteen. We also assist with small grants and provide equipment when needed. We provide information, assistance and support to parents and carers.

In January 2017, the Founder of Conductive Education School Carole Day retired after 23 years of working for the Charity.

The school and the organisation was taken over by three mothers that had attended the school with their children over the last fifteen years.

Michelle Lone           Chairperson / Manager of the School

Joanne Stone           Hon Secretary

Kate O’donnell         Book Keeper

These very capable and loyal friends will continue the history of the Charity and will always have my utmost respect.

Much success, a new era begins

Carole Day.  Founder of the ‘Kids First’ Charity